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After a 30 year career in the NYC luxury fashion sector, Chuck Hellman followed his lifelong vision of disrupting the fashion industry’s status quo. Even after successfully opening and operating world-renowned fashion stores in Ohio, his ambition of suiting the world persisted, prompting him to dig deeper.

After collaborating with co-founder Christian Barker, the two launched the Hellman Retail Group - a digital fashion brand that fuses pop culture with eccentric luxury suits. Within just a few months, their social media presence rocketed to over 4 million followers across various platforms. People from around the globe fell in love with their custom suits and passion for the community, which ultimately inspired Barker and Hellman to foray into the next digital frontier.

Metaluxe represents the future of self-expression by creating truly remarkable experiences across the digital, physical, and augmented world. The Metaluxe genesis collection is composed of expertly-crafted suits in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each designed by hand without the help of generative algorithms. Equipped with our physical experience of designing the world’s finest suits, we’re thrilled to carry our destiny into Web3.

Metaluxe is composed of a team of trailblazers who value innovation. We maintain an open-minded workflow that allows us to explore new ventures and create cutting-edge advancements in the NFT space. By placing straightforward utility and expert design at the forefront of our operations, we’ve incorporated augmented reality to bring our hand-curated NFT suits to life. As the line between physical and digital becomes increasingly blurred, we’ve been watching and building - ready to launch the next generation of phygital identity one suit at a time.


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